Acumen Claims – Validation

Your Reserve - Fast, Comprehensive Accurate DAY 1


For a single fee, our modern one stop shop delivers all your building and contents costs right across the Spectrum DAY 1

Our innovative and unique methods, developed and refined over several years allow Acumen to provide clients the full spectrum of accurate claim costs broken down by each constituent part, and crucially, delivering them all together in a short period of time providing a fast reserve for a Single Fee.

Personal Line

We provide our clients a competitive advantage by providing a 1 stop shop for all costs associated with a claim, delivered via our Day 1 service.

Because we are claim processors and know claims, we have split the Personal Line into 2 price range tiers, each with their own price.

Commercial Line

Although quite different from Personal Line, we still provide all the same benefits while adding Business Interruption, Income Loss, 3rd Party Recovery.

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